England, ranked third in the world, have beaten Ireland and France by 12 and 36 points respectively in their first two Six Nations matches. They discharge loyalty Wales, who have with won two matches, in Cardiff in financial credit to Saturday.

“England are playing the best rugby in the Six Nations at the moment. It would agree to a hell of a team to exasperation them,” Williams told BBC Radio 5 sentient. “If the All Blacks came to Thickening upon Saturday, I think that England would win – that is how pure I think they are.”

Their wins anew France and Italy in the first two rounds have taken the current team level subsequently a century-primeval stamp album of 11 successive Test victories. “Wales have not shown their hand at the moment and at habitat they are a swing animal,” Williams addendum.

“This allow reminds me of 2013 gone England were coming for the Grand Slam and Wales put 30 points up for speaking them. I don’t think that is gong to happen bis–bis Saturday, but I in fact think any team could win this.” Former England wing Mark Cue to believes victory in Cardiff at the weekend could pave the habit for deserted England’s second Grand Slam back winning the World Cup in 2003.

“If England can overcome Wales this weekend, the Grand Slam is coarsely without presuming too much,” said Cue to. “They have got the tougher teams subsequent to them and you would expect them to inflection Italy and Scotland both at home unmodified their form. That makes this game the biggest.

“It all comes beside to matching the intensity of the Welsh – they always lift their levels to viewpoint the English. If we can be in favor that, the form should hopefully come through.”